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Explore a collection of DIY oil recipes to enhance your health and wellness. Learn how to create natural remedies and beauty products using essential oils.
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How To Make DIY Orange Oil (And What To Do With It!)

Orange oil is great for cleaning all kinds of things -- and it smells fantastic. Better yet, it cuts grease and has antibacterial properties. But did you know you can actually make your own all-natural DIY orange oil? Here's how you can do it yourself without much hassle, and what you can do with it when it's done.

Shannon Stokey
These essential oil perfume recipes are so simple and easy to make! They're all natural and a great way to give your skin a wonderful scent. All you need are essential oils and a great carrier oil to have a chemical-free perfume. Essential oils offer a natural way to smell great! Treat your skin and your body to this simple beauty recipe that you can easily make at home. These DIY perfume recipes are also great for homemade gifts as well! #essentialoils #DIYperfume #perfumerecipes #... Home Made Perfume Recipes, Body Oil Recipe Essential Oils, Diy Jasmine Perfume Recipes, Diy Natural Perfume Recipes, Oil Based Perfume Fragrance, How To Make Perfume With Flowers, Body Mist Diy Perfume Recipes, Homemade Perfume With Essential Oils, Making Perfume With Essential Oils

15 Tantalizing Essential Oil Perfume Recipes

You can skip the headaches that come with conventional perfume and make your own essential oil perfume blends at home. I bet you didn't know that diy perfume was so easy to make. Check out these awesome essential oil perfume recipes!

Tamika Rybinski
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How to Make your Own Perfume with Essential Oils - Native Soul Beauty

This is a super simple way to make your own perfume at home. Using just essential oils and a carrier oil, it's super cheap and fun to make!