Diy cat scratcher

Give your cat a fun and satisfying scratching experience with these DIY cat scratcher ideas. Create a personalized scratching post that your furry friend will love.
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The 3 Traits That Every Scratching Post MUST Have!

1.Stability | 2.Height | 3.Material. Don’t Waste Your Time and Money on Fads, and a scratcher that your cat will never use... Even When You’re Going DIY

Amy Saboe
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25 DIY Cat Scratching Post Plans

Starting off, making a cat scratching post can save you money and is a fun project. I found out that with a bit of time and some basic materials, you can make something that your cat will love. I used to watch my cat claw at furniture. That's when I decided to build a scratching post myself. It was a way to keep my cat happy and protect my furniture at the same time. In the process, I learned quite a bit about what cats like. For example, they prefer certain materials and heights. I tried…

Pamela Barrett