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Elevate the style of your space with these stunning armchair designs. Find inspiration and choose the perfect armchair that fits your aesthetic and comfort needs.
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About A conversational armchair built by a unique assembly process of three separate elements, with a subtle visual effect intended to create a classic, but infinitely bold piece. Inspired by the elegance and silhouette of the famous Mexican actress Dolores del Rio during The Golden Age of Mexican cinema. Candelaria armchair is available in a number of different fabrics. Customization OptionsFabric and Leather Request Customization

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The iconic Presidential is a series composed of a sofa and armchair designed by Jorge Zalszupin (1922-2020) in 1959 and produced by his company, L'atelier. The piece is made of molded laminate wood. Presidential armchairs and sofa take advantage of molded laminate to create a light, organic structure that elegantly...