Deer eyes

Explore stunning photography ideas that capture the beauty and allure of deer eyes. Get inspired to create captivating images that showcase the mesmerizing gaze of these majestic creatures.
Why can't I have eyelashes like that?  Eyelash Antelope by Mikel Hendriks Manx, Mule Deer, Dik Dik, Cute Creatures, 인물 사진, Sweet Animals, Animal Planet, Nature Animals, 귀여운 동물

This male Dik-dik, with a teek underneath his right eye, was spotted by my girl friend who immediately told me she was jealous because he had longer eyelashes then she has. --- in Dutch --- Dit Dik-dik mannetje, met een teek onder zijn rechter oog, werd gespot door mijn vriendin die meteen zei dat ze jaloers was op zijn lange wimpers. -Günther's Dik-dik (Madoqua guentheri) Tanrangire National Park - Tanzania - Canon EOS 50D - Sigma 120-400mm © All Rights Reserved

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