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Learn the most popular dance moves and become the life of the party. Get step-by-step tutorials and start grooving like a pro today!
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Expect the unexpected in this flawless synchronized dance routine - Madly Odd!

Watching the CDK Company dancers move to 'Somebody That I Used To Know' feels like magic. Their movements blend with the music in a way that pulls you in from the very first beat. This group isn't just about dance. They mix styles, telling stories with their bodies in ways that surprise and delight. It's

Ann Lebiedz
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He Set up a Camera to Record Himself Dancing, But Didn’t Expect 47 Million People to Fall in Love wi

There’s something in the way he moves that makes everyone who watches this instantly want to smile. Meet Sven Otten. He recorded this video to see what he looked like as he danced in much the same way athletes rewatch their performances to improve their game. After he uploaded it to his YouTube account, it quickly caught on

Debby Vincent
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Prom Dancers Amaze Everyone With Their Dance Moves - WWJD

Dance is a universal language, understood by everyone, young and old. Every country has its unique way of dancing, despite creed and color. They have specific personalized steps and more and is enjoyed by whoever may be watching. One such dance is the Palotás, which looks like a waltz. Palotás is an ancient Hungarian dance

Jay Dee
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9-year-old girl effortlessly performs the most impressive contemporary dance ever

Lily Hackney is a 9-year-old dancer who performed a breathtaking contemporary dance for the Hall of Fame Lakeland 2022. She ended up placing in 6th place in the competition. The young girl entered the stage with confidence and poise. She had an awe-inspiring presence to her that seemed well beyond her youthful years. Then she

Cyn Hall

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