Da vinci sketches inventions

Explore the mesmerizing world of Da Vinci's sketches of inventions. Discover the genius behind his imaginative concepts and be inspired to create your own innovative masterpieces.
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For many, Leonardo da Vinci was a man so to speak perfect, the very prototype of the Renaissance artist. He is proud looking, very athletic and particularly skilled in handling weapons. Leonardo also has a great intelligence and is very interested in the secrets of nature: animals, plants, birds, natural phenomena and astronomy ... His slender and well proportioned body paired with his angel face and his blue eyes gives him a charm and beauty that according to Giorgio Vasari - contemporary…

Designs by Leonardo da Vinci for the wings of a flying machine, 15th century. Art History, Painting & Drawing, Da Vinci Inventions, Flying Machine, Love Drawings, Architecture Drawing, Sculptor, Les Oeuvres, Painter

Stock image 1895-15758: Diagrams from a notebook by Leonardo da Vinci. Da Vinci (1452-1519) was the most outstanding Italian painter, sculptor, architect and engineer of the ...

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