D day

Learn about the untold heroic stories and sacrifices of D-Day. Discover the bravery and valor displayed by soldiers during this historic event.
D-Day. Info graphic really puts the scale of the assault in perspective. Have you seen it? | RallyPoint War, Ww2, Commonwealth, Us History, Military Tactics, Troops, World War Ii, Wwii, World War Two

I know this is out of the blue, but I came across this info graphic on a BBC website. Breaking the invasion down by the numbers. As we all should know D-Day was the Largest Amphibious Assault conducted by the U.S. Army and her partnered nations. To break Hitlers Atlantic Wall. I grew up listening to my grandfather talk of his days as an RAF pilot flying mission that day. His duty was to pilot a plane of paratroopers from 6th Airborne Division. His engined failed from antiaircraft fire comig…

William Fred Morgan