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Unleash your creativity and build custom LEGO creations that are uniquely yours. Explore top ideas and tips to design and customize LEGO sets for endless fun and imagination.
#2106 TECHNIQUES: Star Wars Midifigures by Shaun @brick.sheepa Lego Star Wars, Legos, Lego Mechs, Star Wars Minifigures, Lego Custom Minifigures, Lego Minifigures, Lego Minifigure, Lego Robot, Micro Lego

We love seeing tablescraps here at Tips&Bricks - they're usually fun, unique techniques that are built to try out new concepts or techniques. They aren’t part of a larger build but could be implemented into one build at a later date.bousker_ on Instagram ( has created a number of interesting tablescraps - let us know your favourite in the comments!

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Iyan Ha  -  Customized LEGO mini figures series Lego City, Legos, Legoland, Darth Vader, Lego Friends, Lego Custom Minifigures, Custom Lego, Lego, Lego Minifigs

MOC by Iyan Ha. Real people custom mini figures : " Elvis Presley " " Michael Jackson " " Audrey Hepburn " " Diana Spencer " " Pele " " Michael Jordan " " Isaac Newton " " Albert Einstein " " Leonardo da Vinci " " Vincent van Gogh " " Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart " " Ludwig van Beethoven " " Jeanne d'Arc " " Napoleon " " Charles Chaplin " " James Dean "

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The best part about a Lego brickset is that even if construction blocks were never your favorite toy, you can’t resist building something – anything – with Lego. The Danish company that started producing wooden toys as far back as the 1930s took creating worlds to a whole different level. Be it regular sets or themed ones, the variety of cool things to build with Legos caters to so many tastes. With new Lego sets coming out ever so often, you are guaranteed to never run out of things to…

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I Found Rome a City of Bricks: The UCS LEGO Trevi Fountain - BrickNerd - All things LEGO and the LEGO fan community Legoland, Legos, Lego City, Lego Mansion, Lego Architecture, Lego Castle, Lego Building, Lego Architecture Building, Lego House

How do you collaborate across continents to build the ultimate version of the LEGO Trevi Fountain? Join us as we chat with Italian builder Luca Petraglia about his 50,000-brick masterpiece—all bricks and no marble!

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