Cultural relativism

Explore the concept of cultural relativism and gain a deeper understanding of diverse cultural perspectives. Discover how embracing cultural relativism can foster empathy and tolerance in today's interconnected world.
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Cultural Relativism The idea of universal truth in ethics is a myth. The customs of different societies are all that exist. To say that a custom is ‘correct’ or ‘incorrect’ would imply that we can judge that custom by some independent standard of right and wrong, but no such standard exists.

Mark Joseph Salvador
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Cultural Relativism and Religion: Are We Born This Way? Religion is more than simply a belief in a god or gods, a group of individuals who share a common belief, or a way of seeking and finding life’s meaning. While religion does seek to provide an explanation of universal phenomenon and life’s occurrences, not all religions attribute these ideas to a god concept. What then, is a substantive explanation for religion? And what role does cultural relativism play in religious indoctrination?…

Kristy Taylor