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Artist Glen Taylor solders ridges of metal to porcelain fragments, completing a halved teacup or broken saucer with a range of unusual materials: barbed wire, tarnished silverware, old book pages, and multicolored twine form a portion of the household objects. Each intervention contrasts the pristine, delicate qualities of the porcelain with the visible rust, unwieldy strings, and patchwork metals. A cabinetmaker for much of his life, Taylor originally worked with pottery but found it…

Digital Artist Creates Thought-Provoking Illustrations That May Make You Look At Things Differently (29 Pics) Instagram, Dalai Lama, Motivation, Gatos, Fotos, Rodrigues, Cat Pics, Fotografia, Cats

Art can give us a better understanding of our emotions and the world we live in. Even though some art pieces can be difficult to comprehend, they might provoke one to think and find his or her own meaning. Art is often connected to human emotions. In the process of creating art, artists express what they are concerned or curious about. In this way, they explore their own thoughts and feelings and at the same time encourage the public to engage in the journey of meaning-making.

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