Commuter bike

Discover the best commuter bikes that will make your daily travel efficient and eco-friendly. Upgrade your commute with these top-rated bikes and enjoy a convenient and sustainable way to get around town.
Building a Surly Cross-Check as a Dream Commuter - Bike Commuter Style, Commuter Bike Style, Bike Touring Packing, Townie Bike, Surly Cross Check, Surly Bike, Surly Bikes, Bicycle Pictures, Bicycle Diy

In need of a new daily driver, Lucas recently built up a humble Surly Cross-Check frameset into the commuter of his dreams. Learn about his one of a kind Cross-Check here, which features internal dynamo wire routing, custom paint, an eclectic parts kit, and more...

Rawson’s Schwinn Le Tour Gateway Bike – John Watson | The Radavist | A group of individuals who share a love of cycling and the outdoors. Bici Fixed, Vintage Mountain Bike, Touring Bicycles, Cross Country Bike, Riding Bikes, Urban Bicycle, Мотоциклы Cafe Racers, Urban Cycling, Retro Bike

Gateway bikes. We've all had one. You know, that first bike that got you hooked on riding bikes and expanded your horizon into the world of cycling. When the fixed gear craze was sweeping cities all over the world, Rawson bought this Schwinn Le Tour while he was living in Ohio. He immediately converted it to a fixed gear, stripping the bike of all the necessary components, as per the norm at the time and rode it like that for a few years before eventually buying a road bike, then a gravel…

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The bicycle or bike is a human-powered vehicle with two wheels arranged in a tandem arrangement. It is propelled by pedaling, and the rider sits on a saddle while controlling the front wheel with handlebars. People use bicycles for transportation, exercise, and leisure, and they also use them for commuting. In a variety of sports, including road racing and mountain biking, bicycles are used.

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