Communication activities

Enhance your communication skills with these interactive activities. Discover effective ways to engage in meaningful conversations and build stronger connections.
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Social Skills Game: Active Listening Activities for Kids in Elementary or Middle School

These simple active listening exercises help students focus on what is being said and to share their feelings about being truly heard.

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The Peace Process for Conflict Resolution & Freebie

We have a lovely school counselor this year who came to visit each of our classrooms and explain a common "Peace Process" for conflict resolution. I loved this for so many reasons and can't wait to share it with you! For one, common language across all grades is invaluable, especially when kids experience conflict at recess, in the lunch room, or even in the hallway when they are away from their classroom teacher and intermixed with other grades. Also, the fact that this process is broken…

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Team Building - 3 Strategies to Promote Student Collaboration - The Science Duo

I always liked to make it a point to incorporate several simple team building activities within the first few weeks of school. The science classroom is an ideal environment to promote group interaction. These activities

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20 Open Ended Questions for Kids

Asking open ended questions for kids is a great opportunity to start conversations with your child. Here are several prompts and examples!

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Building Activity that works on Communication Skills

We work on communication and listening skills while designing and building simple objects. This helps us think about the power of words and how difficult it can be to get a message across to another person without it being lost in translation. Author: Urban EdVenture Faculty

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