Clockwork angel

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Theresa "Tessa" Gray is an American warlock, a special kind of warlock—the only half-Shadowhunter, half-Eidolon demon. She moved to London in 1878 and her life has since been entangled in the lives of the Nephilim. Theresa Gray was born to an unmarked Shadowhunter named Elizabeth Gray and the Greater Demon, Belial, disguised as the mundane Richard Gray—Elizabeth's husband and the man who would raise her as his own, and whom everyone believed was her father. Under normal circumstances…

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Sophia "Sophie" Lightwood (née Collins) is a former mundane who possessed the Sight and used to be a servant at the London Institute. After years of serving them, Sophie underwent Ascension and became a Shadowhunter herself. She is the wife of Gideon Lightwood, with whom she has three children: Barbara, Eugenia, and Thomas. Sophie was born into a poor family and has had the Sight since she was young. She was drawn to places where the Shadow and mundane worlds intermingled such as carnivals…

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