Cast iron pizza

Create mouthwatering cast iron pizza at home with these easy and delicious recipes. Discover the perfect crust, toppings, and techniques to make the best homemade pizza.
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This easy sausage cast iron skillet pizza delivers the crunchiest crust you’ve ever imagined. Think about a thick crust style pizza with bright tomato sauce, melty mozzarella, creamy ricotta and hearty meat. The key to this pizza is baking it in a cast iron skillet […]

A. Walter E.
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Ditch the pizza stone for this cast iron skillet pizza! There is no outer crust on a skillet pizza so the toppings go from edge to edge, which means extra cheese, extra toppings, extra delicious! Crisp bottom, soft chewy center - think of this like a deep dish pizza but not as deep. Did I forget to mention all you need is 30 minutes?

Kimberly Streeter