Canterbury tales

Explore the captivating world of the Canterbury Tales, a collection of medieval stories that provide insight into the lives and culture of the past. Discover the intriguing characters and enchanting narratives that make these tales timeless classics.
The Canterbury Tales - Geoffrey Chaucer, John Urban Nicolson - Google Books Historical Fiction, Classics Books, English Literature, Literature Poetry, Tales Series, Literature, Ap Literature, Canterbury Tales, A Knight's Tale

A group of pilgrims bound for Canterbury Cathedral agree to pass the weary miles by taking turns at storytelling. The travelers?noble, coarse, jolly, and pious?offer a vibrant portrait of fourteenth-century English life. Their narratives form English literature's greatest collection of chivalric romances, bawdy tales, fables, legends, and other stories.The Canterbury Tales reflects a society in transition, as a middle class began to emerge from England's feudal system. Craftsmen and laborers…

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