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Learn how to make your own bracers with these easy DIY tutorials. Add a touch of style and personality to your outfits with custom arm accessories that you can create at home.
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DIY Bracer Tutorial

So as it claims in my profile - I am not a professional. I have learned things through tons of research, fantastic friends (who costume), and trial and error (at times painfully so). But how I've put my bracers together is quite straight forward so I want to share it in case I can save someone else a bit of trial and error :) Materials Needed: Tape measure Ruler Pencil Paper Scissors Fabric Eyelets and lace Fabric glue (possibly) Rolling pin (possibly) First things first...the pattern. To…

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Quilted Leather Bracer and UnderBracer Tutorial: DIY for under $10

Here is my tutorial of how I made these awesome quilted bracers/vambraces. Part 1: Drafting a Bracer Pattern based on the Vambraces of Gondor Part 2: Sewing the underbracers, How to Quilt Bracers, and a Lacing Ring Solution Part 3: Assembling the Bracers: How to make Thin Leather look like Thick Leather Part 4: Inserting Grommets/Eyelets without a hole punch, and Painting the Leather with shoepolish Part 5: Glam Shots of the finished project

Wood Texture Leather Bracer Tutorial : 6 Steps (with Pictures) - Instructables Tela, Bracers Diy, Leatherworking Tools, Wood Nymph, Leather Tutorial, Leather Bracers, Leather Working Patterns, Leather Tooling Patterns, Tooling Patterns

Wood Texture Leather Bracer Tutorial

Wood Texture Leather Bracer Tutorial: Would you like to make this awesome wood bracer? Here is a tutorial on how to make the perfect piece your costume was missing or that cosplay accessory that will have people talking. Be a wood nymph or a warrior of nature with this wood textured lea…

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Amazing directions and patterns!  Making Rivendell in the Desert: Making Bracers/Vambraces/Gauntlets Part 1: Drafting a Bracer Pattern based on Vambraces of Gondor Couture, Bracer Pattern, Bracers Diy, Viking Halloween Costume, Adventure Clothes, Leather Braces, Leather Gauntlet, Foam Armor, Historical Shoes

Making Bracers/Vambraces/Gauntlets Part 1: Drafting a Bracer Pattern based on Vambraces of Gondor

(All parts of the tutorial are listed here) Step One: How to Draft Bracers. In this post, I draft a pattern for the Bracers of Gondor. So, I always wanted to make bracers, especially since I had been planning for ages to make Gondor Bracers for Josh's Faramir Ranger outfit, and Link Bracers for Josh's Link Outfit. Sadly, I have no experience with tooling leather, and a very very limited budget. Then I stumbled across Andrea Schewe's tutorial for her pattern for making quilted bracers on the…

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