Beauty packaging

Enhance your beauty products with innovative packaging designs that will captivate your customers. Discover top ideas to create a stunning presentation for your beauty brand.
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With a low maintenance vibe yet a high-frequency product, Qandor was tested regarding its packaging design. The beauty brand teamed up with design studio YUNGBLD studio to create packaging that spoke to its duality, and the result is a packaging system that’s refined yet funky, balancing the easy-going customer that wishes for impactful results. The […]

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The Beige Replaceable Airless Pump Bottle is a convenient and versatile skincare container designed for easy dispensing and preservation of beauty products. With its sleek beige design, this bottle not only provides a stylish aesthetic but also offers practical functionality. The airless pump mechanism ensures the product remains uncontaminated, preventing oxidation and maintaining its quality over time.

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