Beautiful Creatures

Explore the fascinating world of beautiful creatures and be amazed by their stunning colors, unique features, and captivating behaviors. Get inspired to appreciate and protect the diverse wildlife around us.
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Usually when we talk about bugs or insects, we imagine something repulsive and gross, and even scary. Probably more than one of you even has a phobia and can’t stand those little critters. But it might surprise you that there are some bugs that have such interesting forms and colors that you entirely forget they are related to the cockroach living under your sink in your student dormitory.

Usagi Uso
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People, no matter from which era and what traditions, have always felt the need to explain their surroundings. After all, the greatest fear is the fear of the unknown. Before science did better explanations, myths, and mythical creatures fulfilled the need to know what, why, and how our reality exists.

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