Balloon crafts

Get inspired by these creative and fun balloon crafts that are perfect for all ages. From balloon animals to balloon decorations, find ideas to add a touch of whimsy to any occasion.
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DIY crafts are one of the easiest and most attractive crafts. When it comes to planning crafting activities for small children it comes as a challenge for the parents, but don’t worry DIY crafts come to the rescue. Crafting is a very important activity for the kids as it helps to develop gross and fine […]

Kathy Wagoner
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This oobleck stress ball feels SO COOL! We had a great time learning how to make oobleck last year, and this stress ball version offers all the fun without the mess. Simply fill a balloon with cornstarch and water to make this DIY craft that's great for relieving tension! When you squeeze the ball hard, the oobleck stress ball feels a bit similar to a flour stress ball. But if you gently poke at it or let it sit in your hand you can really experience the unique oobleck texture. It's such a…

Christine Little