Atlas moth

Discover the incredible world of the Atlas Moth and learn about its unique characteristics and behavior. Get inspired by stunning images and find out how you can support conservation efforts for this majestic creature.
Male Atlas Moth (Attacus atlas/taprobanis, Saturniidae) | Flickr Moth Costume, Attacus Atlas, Poodle Moth, Giant Moth, Cute Moth, Atlas Moth, Cool Insects, Yunnan China, Moth Caterpillar

Male Atlas Moth (Attacus atlas/taprobanis, Saturniidae)

Male Atlas moths are distinguished from females by their smaller size, more tapered wings, and larger, bushier antennae. Compare to female antennae here. Pu'er, Yunnan, China My Tumblr blog, SINOBUG, features photo series and images from my portfolio of Chinese insects and spiders......

Emmaline Kelly