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Dive into the world of art theory and discover the principles and concepts that shape artistic expression. Explore top ideas and gain a deeper understanding of the creative process.
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Fairfield Art :: Color Terms & Worksheet

Digication ePortfolio :: Fairfield Art by Tricia Thatcher,mindy montgomery,colleen larbes,julie staudt,kathrine clark,matt klaber,Harmon Lauren at FAIRFIELD HIGH SCHOOL. Color Wheel Powerpoint.ppt Interactive Color Wheel: ColorWorksheet.jpg Tints and shades.jpg

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A Comprehensive Guide to Color Theory for Artists

Color theory is a body of principles that provide guidance on the relationship between colors and the physiological impacts of certain color combinations. Color theory is one of the most fundamental areas of painting. The importance of understanding color theory far exceeds simply knowing how to mix colors together (for example, knowing that yellow and blue