Scopri idee creative e ispirazioni per l'utilizzo dell'ardesia nella tua casa o giardino. Aggiungi un tocco unico e rustico ai tuoi spazi con l'ardesia.
Pav. 90X90 Avorio - Collection Ardesia by Saloni | Tilelook Greece, Apartment Floor, Ceramic Floor Tile, Different Languages, Ceramic Floor, Price Quote, Floor Tile, Tile Floor, Tile

Ardesia Ardesia Pav. Avorio 90x90cm Ceramic Floor tile by Saloni

Request a quote and buy online Ardesia Ardesia Pav. Avorio 90x90cm by Saloni, Ceramic, Floor tile, collection Ardesia, product code: JLN670. Saloni advances further on its way towards dressing new spaces to continue creating moments full of life. So now we present ARDESIA where each piece is designed around the people living the spaces and making them become places. People from all over the world, with different languages, customs and ways of life; people like you

Sara Zaccaria