Ancient tools

Uncover the fascinating world of ancient tools and learn about the innovative techniques used by our ancestors. Explore top ideas to bring a piece of history into your modern life.
Learning Lenape - On Archaic sites, woodworking tools including heavy stone axes, gouges and adzes, were used to make structures, dugout canoes, wooden bowls, ladles and handles for tools and weapons. Delaware Indians, Ancient Artifacts Prehistoric, Paleo Indians, Native American Tools, Indian Tools, Arrowheads Artifacts, Arrow Heads, Primitive Technology, Ancient Tools

History and heritage in Northwest New Jersey Skylands: For over 12,000 years the Lenape and their ancestors occupied northwestern New Jersey. Who were they? How did they live? What kinds of tools did they make and use? Archaeologists have been trying to answer these questions for over a century.

Native North Americans Were Making Copper Tools in 7,500 BC | Ancient Origins Native American Tools, Copper Uses, Flint Knapping, Native American Pictures, Copper Style, Ancient Origins, History Of Photography, Metal Tools, Native People

The Old Copper Culture of the Great Lakes region in North America used copper tools for thousands of years and then went back to stone and bone tools. Why would they do that? Researchers have revised the historic timeline and revealed remarkable insights.

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