Ali di uccello

Scopri idee creative per decorare la tua casa con ali di uccello. Crea un'atmosfera magica e suggestiva con le nostre proposte uniche.
Bird Wings Tattoo, Raven Wings, Výtvarné Reference, Wings Drawing, Siluete Umane, Creation Art, Wing Tattoo, Wings Art, Crows Ravens

Izuku was alone for most of his life. He had one beautiful quirk but never dared to show anyone his quirk. He had one incredible ability. He could heal anyone just by purely touching them. However, this was only one side of his quirk as he could also take one's life form. His parents died and his grandparents hated him for that since he was the reason for it. Not fitting anywhere Izuku was wondering around until someone was ready to stretch their hands out and accept a fallen angel. Now meat…