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Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing art of Alfons Mucha. Discover the beauty and elegance of his iconic Art Nouveau style and get inspired by his masterpieces.
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WHAT YOU GET: An ORIGINAL ART NOUVEAU STYLE POSTER featuring the Motherhood Goddess series. The image is created in a 16 x 24 inch format but can be printed at various sizes. Because of it's high resolution the downloaded size will be 8 x 12. If you need help upsizing the art to 16 x 24 contact me and I will help you. Each art piece is created with a certain aspect ratio in mind. This means you may print the art in sizes corresponding to that ratio. Standard print ratios are: 2:3 = 8 x 12 or…

Little Sketch Raven
Technically an old art nouveau print by Mucha. Every Hippie household had it's Job rolling papers poster. Gustav Klimt, Art And Illustration, Alphonse Mucha, Museums, Art Nouveau, Retro, Art Deco, Vintage Art, Poster Art

Grasset and Cheret only initiated art nouveau in France. During the 1880’s Eugene Grasset was a regular at a nightclub in France, which became a gathering place for artists and writers. This is where he met and shared his enthusiasm for color printing with young artists such as Georges Auriol, Henri de Toulouse- Lautrec and fellow Swiss artist Theophile- Alexandre Steinlen. Even the father of poster design, Cheret, admitted that Lautrec’s 1891 poster of Moulin Rouge broke new ground in…

Alisa Foster
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Alfons Mucha's "Primrose" from the "Feather & Primrose" panels, 1899 Shape: Oval Size: 40x30mm Quantity: 1 glass cabochon Backing: Hard glaze over calendar weight paper Fallen Angel Brass glass cabochons are lovingly handmade one by one in my shop studio especially for my customers. I judiciously curate each image, taking great care to print our distinctive graphics in high resolution on calendar weight paper. I smooth each edge and glaze the backing to give a water resistant seal to your…

The Mermaid Island
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Alphonse Mucha was a Czech artist whose contributions to the Art Nouveau movement are incredibly vast, including multiple stunning paintings of ethereal figures circled with delicate flowers and shady leaves. His works are famous around the world and his unique style makes his paintings and posters instantly recognizable.

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