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Discover the captivating sculptures and paintings of Alberto Giacometti, a visionary artist known for his unique style and profound influence on modern art. Immerse yourself in the world of this creative genius and be inspired by his masterpieces. | Alberto Giacometti - Pommes dans L’Atelier [1950] [Sotheby’s, New York - Oil on canvas, 70 x 42.5 cm] Street Art, Giacometti Paintings, Alberto Giacometti, Piet Mondrian, Surrealist, Mondrian, Fine Art, Impressionist, Sanat

Giacometti once quipped that only Francis Bacon had a messier studio than he did, perhaps indicative of a certain pride that he may have taken in his own permissive disorderliness. Yet, there are obvious elements of staging in these compositions that remind us of the artist's overall control of his environment. We can see this in the present work, where a few strategically placed ripe-red apples appear almost enshrined on a stool at the centre of the composition. The tension between order…

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