Akatsuki no yona zeno

Discover the enigmatic character of Zeno, the Dragon Warrior, from the anime and manga series Akatsuki no Yona. Learn about his powers and role in the story, and join Yona and her companions on their thrilling adventure.
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Since there aren't many Akatsuki no Yona books out there, I thought I should write one! Please feel free to ask me if you want anything in particular :) I do Character x Reader. I can write any type of One Shot (lemon, fluff,..). I hope you'll like my stories and enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy writing them. ♡ Disclaimer: I do not own Akatsuki no Yona or any of the characters in this book. All rights reserved to Mizuho Kusanagi!

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Zeno (ゼノ, Zeno?) is the Original Ouryuu (Yellow Dragon in english), one of the four Dragon Warriors and he possesses the blood of the yellow dragon deity. Later, it is revealed that he is actually the original Ouryuu who once served King Hiryuu[6] 2,000 years ago. Later on he became the fifth person and final dragon to join Yona and Hak on their journey. In the anime (manga chapter 1-109) Zeno is shown/known as a young man who always has a smile on his face, which indicates that he is a…