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Description Some of the backgrounds from our game Traps for Friends. In addition to the characters of this game: If you're thinking "these look like Adventure Time backgrounds" yeah you're right Ever since we made this little game we wanted to develop the idea of a castle with different themed rooms, so these might be called a continuation!

Shyloh Wideman
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Silhouette Shadow Tileset and Background

This “Silhouette Shadow Tileset and Background” is designed for you that want to make a game with silhouette-themed 2d game. Features : File Included : png, ai, eps Up to 512px png files Editable and Resizable Contains : Tileset (Ground and Water) Environtment (Tree, Ladder, Box, Grass, Sign, and ect.) Collectable (Coin, Heart, Diamond, Star, and etc.) Parallax Background (Giant Tree, Moon, Mountain) Character and Enemies on preview, is not included! You can find them in my portofolio!

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