Trollbeads Big Flower Lock 10101, $75

Trollbeads - Big Flower Lock A beautiful lock with a single flower, inspired by the Hydrangea bead.

Original Trollbeads Fiori Asimmetrici 56105, $146

Trollbeads: Flowers, asymmetrical - The most feminine earrings imaginable. The combination of shimmering glass and fine crystal will make your eyes sparkle.

Ciondolo Trollbeads Fiore di Sambuco Fantasia - 12306, $70

In old mythology this was a tree that was sacred and brought to life by Trollbeads.

Original Trollbeads Tre Fiori 61710, $121

Trollbeads: Three Flowers Bead, Silver - Three pretty flowers with dichroic glass. A new, beautiful and playful combination.

trollbeads Triple Pearl White 51732, $101

Trollbeads: Triple Pearl Bead, White - It's classical and romantic; white freshwater pearls wrapped in silver hydrangea combine to make this unique bead.

Ciondolo Trollbeads Ali di Farfalla - 11907, $91

The Trollbeads Big Butterfly bead looks just like a butterfly so light and so elegant. Flying fancy free it charms us with its beautiful appearance.

Original Trollbeads Tracce d’Argento Rosa 61355, $34

Trollbeads: Silver Trace Bead, Pink - Fine silver sparkles and glitters, like a fog of stars in a diminutive pink universe.

Original Trollbeads Libellula 16104, $48

Fashion Is a Popular Style

Original Trollbeads San Valentino 61715, $113

Trollbeads: Valentine - A "heart bead" on the most romantic of days, with no less than six hearts encasing three sparkling Swarovski crystals in three different shades of red.

Original Trollbeads Anello con Fiore Blu R6107-52, $99

Trollbeads: Blue Flower Ring - Silver stems entwining your finger and supporting three bright blue flowers caught in a drop of dew.

Original Trollbeads Rana 11307, $60

Trollbeads: Frog Bead - The frog awaits a kiss from a fair princess, which will break the witch's spell and turn him back into a prince.

Authentic Trollbeads Bracciale/Collana Cuoio Blu 41 cm (l5107-41), $36

To position Trollbeads on leather bracelets all you need is to thread your beads on and place at the position you want.

Original Trollbeads tacco alto 11156, $34

Trollbeads: High Heel Bead, Silver - A tribute to fashion and to the ladies who live their lives elegantly elevated. In Italy, a high-heeled shoe is a symbol of good luck.

Original Trollbeads Yin Yang 11254, $50

Original Trollbeads Yin Yang 11254, $50