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a group of people standing in front of a table with an open book on it
Gli scolari
Gli scolari
a woman laying on top of a bed next to a dog in a blue dress
L'arte di Felice Casorati, tra realismo e magia
L'artista Felice Casorati si inserisce nella corrente del realismo magico, dove elementi del reale si fondono con l'immaginazione.
a painting of a woman sitting on a couch in front of a vase with flowers
‘Marguerite Kelsey‘, Meredith Frampton, 1928 | Tate
Artwork page for ‘Marguerite Kelsey’, Meredith Frampton, 1928 A professional artist’s model in the 1920s and 1930s, Marguerite Kelsey (1908?–1995) was renowned for her gracefulness and ability to hold poses for a long time. Her dress and shoes were chosen and purchased by Frampton for this portrait. They are both classical and, being uncorseted, deliberately modern. The simple, short-sleeved pale tunic dress worn with low-heeled shoes and her straight hair were all essential elements of the f...
a drawing of a woman sitting at a table with a glass of wine in her hand
Lápiz color sobre papel, 24 x 32 cm. Autor: Federico Milano. Original y reproducciones de todos los tamaños en venta. Contacto: Web:
a painting of lemons on a blue plate
"Lemon and Leaves" sold
Lemon and Leaves by Leigh-Anne Eagerton
a painting of a woman in a yellow dress with her hands behind her back, standing against a black background
Powerful Contemporary Oil Portraits by Mark Demsteader