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Marchisio Juventus took the piss out of Wilshere throughout the entire game.

Claudio Marchisio

Janels current obsession: Claudio Marchisio is an Italian footballer who plays as a midfielder for Juventus and the Italian national team

Claudio Marchisio Photos - 705 of 1417 Photos: Juventus v AS Livorno Calcio

Claudio Marchisio Photos - Claudio Marchisio of Juventus looks on at the end of the Serie A match between Juventus and AS Livorno Calcio at Juventus Arena on April 2014 in Turin, Italy. - Claudio Marchisio Photos - 683 of 1395

Claudio Marchisio Juventus 2015/2016

*insert a bunch of heart eye emojis for attractiveness and soccer skills* Claudio Marchisio, Juventus and Italian National Team