Tuscany, Italy

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One day in Tuscany, Italy
Exploring Tuscany in one day • One day is not enough to see the beauty of Tuscany, but sometimes you don't have time to explore everything. So I did a one day tour with @italy.mytour to show you a glimpse of Tuscany. The departure is in Florence and the tour was a total of 12 hours. Here are the places we visited: • Pisa • Monterrigioni • Siena • San Gimignano ( Book your tours at www.italy.mytour.eu Use my code for a 10%discount off: IAMSOPHIA
Tuscany, Italy
Why I love living in Tuscany 🥰 - Landscapes • - Nature • - Food • - Art - Architecture And of course the people ☺️
📍Pitigliano, Italy
Must see places in Italy ✨ 📍Pitigliano This town, located in southern Tuscany, is known as the little Jerusalem of Italy. It’s location and distance from Rome provided escaping Jews a refuge in the period 1569- 1593 This historic town is a must see ! Tag a friend who would love to visit this town! ☺️
Day trips from Florence, Italy✨
Day Trip from Florence ✨ 📍Greve in Chianti Greve is known for being a noble wine area! It is also the principal town in the Chianti wine district!
Day Trips from Florence, Italy❤️
Day Trips From Florence ✨ 📍Montepulciano Montepulciano is known for its wine and historical town center! There are an abundance of terraces that overlook the beautiful countryside below! Tag someone who would love Montepulciano!💛
Day Trips from Florence, Italy — Arezzo✨
Day trips from Florence ✨ 📍 Arezzo Arezzo is a historical city in central Italy! It is commonly known as the city of gold! It is also known as a city of high fashion because of all the fashion within the city! Tag someone who would love to come here!💛
Wineries in Tuscany, Italy🍷
Wineries in Tuscany ✨ 📍San Gimignano Fattoria poggio alloro is a beautiful winery in San Gimignano! It is known for its breathtaking scenery that overlooks the Tuscan Hills! There is a fantastic wine cellar, wine tasting, and even a farm! Tag someone who would love to come here!🍷
Ultimate travel guide to visiting Tuscany's hidden gem called Lucca All About Italy, Lucca Italy, Mediterranean Cruise, Cruise Destinations, European Vacation, European Destinations, Travel Abroad
Best things to do in Lucca, Italy
Lucca is one of Tuscany's loved towns. I did a couple of day trips to Lucca a couple of times already, but this time I stayed for 3 days to experience what Lucca really is. It is no doubt that Lucca is one of the hidden gems in Tuscany!
Wineries In Tuscany, Italy
Wineries in Tuscany ✨ 📍 Quercerto di Castellina Quercerto di Castellina is a beautiful family-owned winery! It has been around since 1945n with handcrafted organic wines and beautiful sunsets, Quercerto di Castellina is a must see location! Send this to someone who loves wine 🍷 ❤️
Wineries in Tuscany, Italy
Wineries in Tuscany ✨ 📍 Tenuta Torciano Tenuta Toriciano is completely powered by renewable energy! Their Solar panels ensure sustainability! They provide activities such as stomping grapes and wine tasting! The wine here is amazing and handcrafted, and serves for a perfect evening when combined with the beautiful sunset! Send this to someone who would love this winery! 🍷 ❤️
Pisa, Italy
Traveling to Pisa ✨ 📍 Pisa The tower of Pisa is famously known for its almost 40 degree lean! The lean is due to an unstable foundation, the tower began leaning back in the 12th century. This lean was caused by soft ground that could not support the weight of the structure. However, the structure has since been stabilized and is very safe! Send this to someone who would want to travel here ✈️
Day Trips from Florence, Italy
Day trip to San Gimignano ✨ 📍 San Gimignano San Gimignano is a historical hill town that is surrounded by a skyline of medieval towers. The views here are unbelievable! San Gimignano is commonly referred to as “The Town of Fine Towers”. There is an abundance of gothic and Romanesque architecture throughout San Gimignano Send this to someone who would love to visit ✈️
Day trips from Florence, Italy — Lucca
Day trips from Florence, Italy — Pisa
Day trips from Florence, Italy