Iacopo Passeri

Iacopo Passeri

Iacopo Passeri
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Projected Touchscreen Tables : Dynamic Desktop

Dynamic Desktop - Multi-touch hardware and software company Ideum is developing the Dynamic Desk, a projected capacitive touch table that can be used with both hand .

Man-made 'breathing' leaf is an oxygen factory for space travel An artificial leaf converts water and light to oxygen, and that's good news ...

Dezeen and MINI Frontiers - Dezeen RCA graduate Julian Melchiorri says the synthetic biological leaf he developed, which absorbs water and carbon dioxide to produce oxygen just like a plant, could enable long-distance space travel.

Ableton: Push 2 Controller For Live

LAB POINTS - full featured hardware instrument for hands-on control of Ableton Live - play or step sequence beats, notes, chords and automation - new sampling workflow - slice, play and

Seaboard RISE is the latest product from ROLI. We have featured the previous musical instrument Seaboard GRAND, this time, RISE incorporates the same interface to bring you a universally accessible MIDI controller.

The firm Roli imagined a keyboard for musicians : the Seaboard Rise Keyboard. It is pressure-sensitive and enables to synthesize all types of music instruments,