Desiderate avere il mare dietro l'angolo, dedicarvi allo shopping tra boutiques esclusive e botteghe di artigianato locale, andare alla scoperta del borgo antico e del Castello Aragonese, partecipare alle numerose manifestazioni folkloristiche ed eventi culturali? Allora il nostro albergo fa per Voi! Would you like a Mediterranean beach just round the corner, as well as historic Ischia Ponte and the Castello Aragonese? And to be on hand for the numerous street parades and cultural events, and a browse through exclusive boutiques and local handicraft shops? Then our hotel is for you!
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Lo vediamo tutti i giorni ma ogni volta che si arriva al piazzale d'Ischia Ponte si apre uno scenario semplicemente meraviglioso!

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Anche dall'alto, Ischia, è incantevole...

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"Panza", a small village but a great location... Hi Ischia! Today's blog comes to you pre-dawn with the sun not due to rise for another hour or so and before the birds have even cleared their throats for the morning chorus. The only perceptible noise coming from some restless rooster in the distance who clearly has a faulty alarm clock...

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Ischia is... HAPPY :)

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Uno scorcio, molto suggestivo, d'#IschiaPonte Un altro riuscitissimo scatto di @Alessandra Coscino

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Here's some interesting news to read during this weekend...

Have a nice second Sunday of Advent and enjoy Ischia :)

It's really Xmas time :)

Another beautiful day :) Good morning Ischia! So how are you all today? Did you make it safely through Friday the 13th? I was doing ok until I saw that the count for the number of solitaire games I'd lost on my phone had reached 666 and then started to get a bit worried and hastily lost another one deliberately, just to avoid any calamitous bad luck that could be caused by those most ominous of figures occurring at the same time!

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Un'antica e, per certi versi, commovente pratica napoletana che pare stia prendendo piede anche in altre località...

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