The Best iPhone 7 Tips and Tricks You're Probably Not Using

iOS offers an endless amount of great features you can enjoy. Keep reading to discover the iPhone 7 tips and tricks you have been missing out on.

How to Set Up and Use iCloud on iPhone, iPad, iPod and Mac, Windows

How to Set Up and Use iCloud on iPhone, iPad, iPod and Mac, Windows

How to Speed Up a Slow iPhone

You got so caught up with personalizing your iPhone and installing all those apps, which you didn't stop to think. Here's how to speed up a Slow iPhone

Top 5 Best Photo Editing Apps for iPhone and iPad

Color grading course how to make picture edits,photo editing software for beginners photoshop photo editing video tutorials,ways to edit pictures basic learning photoshop.

Top 5+ Android And iOS Apps to Help You Relax

Top Android And iOS Apps to Help You Relax and Reduce Stress

Top 10+ Best Questions To Ask Siri on iPhone iPad

So, here is a collection of some of the best questions to ask Siri - the little virtual assistant inside your iPhone and iPad.

Top 5+ Best Workout Apps For iPhone and Android

If you are looking for a good fitness app, here are our top 8 best fitness and workout apps to get you started that have become shocking good as well.

Security Settings You Should Have on Your iOS 10 Device

The security setting you either need to turn off or on are only a few taps away. Let's get to it and secure your iOS 10 device!

Top 5+ of The Best Strategy Games for iPhone, iPad, iOS

Here is what you should do to make sure your product sails through the approval process.

How to Turn Off the Handwriting Mode in Messages for iOS 10

The handwriting mode in the Messages app on your iOS 10 running device allows you to type your messages using your hand.

How to Activate and Use Extensions in Apple Maps

So let’s see how you can turn off integrated calling in Skype on your iOS 10 running on iPhone, iPad device.

How to Resolve the Keyboard Freezing Problem in iOS 10

Here are some solutions suggested by the iPhone experts that you can implement on your device and resolve the keyboard freezing problem in iOS

How to Turn the Dock and Folders to Black on Your iPhone

There's a workaround that helps you turn the Dock and folders to black. That will give you the feeling of dark mode which is not present in current version

Stop Trying to Remember Your Password - 7 Must Have Password Managers for iOS

The strong password includes numbers, upper and lower case and special characters. Here are 7 best password managers for iOS, you won't have to remember.

How to Capture Photos and Selfies and Videos Using Siri

Using Siri on your iPhone, you can ask it to capture a photo and it will launch the Camera app for you to take a photo or shoot a video.

Top 5+ of the Best iMessages Apps for iOS 10

The iMessages apps on OS 10 device allows you to have conversations with others who also use the app. We show you some of the best iMessages apps for iOS.