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black and white photograph of people posing for the camera
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I don't know why so man people seem to hate generation 3 so much, I actually prefer them to generation 2. I think the storylines are better and far more believable and I've connected with the characters a lot better !
an old black and white photo of a woman holding flowers in front of a tree
Pretty as a picture
1930's lady | petit main sauvage: Pretty as a picture
Ruth Hussey, Ann Rutherford, Wwii Women, Corps Idéal, Mode Retro, Stil Vintage, 20th Century Fashion
20s Fashion, Roaring Twenties, Bebe Daniels, Radium Girls, Retro Mode, Flapper Style
✨Vintage, Arts, Architecture (1900-1980)✨
Idda Van Munster, 1930 Fashion, Joan Crawford, Styl Retro
Old Hollywood
80s Rock Aesthetic, Classic Rock Aesthetic, Rock N Roll Aesthetic, Rose Music, Rockstar Aesthetic, Rock Aesthetic, Duff Mckagan, Music Background, Folk Rock
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an emo sign with the words emos on it and some people standing around
do you think being emo is really about wearing black, being gloomy, listening to sentimental songs all day long and cutting wrists? - emo kid Answers
David Bowie Memes, David Bowie Funny, Rock Meme, Queen David Bowie, David Bowie Fashion, Lovely Person, David Bowie Art, Major Tom, All The Young Dudes
I'm a lesbian but bowie is a lovely person.....almost too lovely
the cover art for the album, the masters of rock
The Masters Of Rock by DouglasFeer - T-shirts
The Masters Of Rock di IceDust - Maglietta