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there are three pictures of the inside of a boat that looks like it is floating on water
Floating Wooden Sustainable Egg Pod Is Home To Artist Stephen Turner For A Year.
The Exbury Egg is a floating, wooden, sustainable, energy efficient pod that…
a boat sits in front of a house on the water's edge at dusk
Celebrate Independence Day By Looking At These 10 Modern American Houses
The “Pond House at Ten Oaks Farm” in Hammond, Louisiana, designed by Holly &…
an orange building with a red roof and stairs on the top floor is next to a crane
Angled shipping container houses stairs for office by Potash
Angled shipping container houses a staircase for Israeli port office.
an image of a tunnel that is in the water with a quote from edgar allen poe
The eternal bridge to peace and well-being awaits those who are willing to cross…
the building is shaped like a wave
25 Modern Architectural Designs from around the World | From up North
25 Modern Architectural Designs from around the World
the inside and outside of an unusual house
A Sustainable Safari Lodge Arrives In Botswana
Michaelis Boyd has worked together with local architect Nick Plewman, to design…
the inside of an old building with lots of windows and ivy growing on the ground
Abandoned Chapel in France
a spiral staircase in a building with a skylight on the top and below it
Spiral staircase, Vatican Museum, Italy..l love this staircase! It's so…
an outdoor patio area with brick walls and potted plants on the side of it
Architecture news and projects | Dezeen
Fraher Architects adds glass-roofed extension to terraced house in London
an empty swimming pool surrounded by white umbrellas and palm trees in the distance, with a long walkway leading to it
Chef's Table at Hayman Island, Whitsundays
Chef's Table at Hayman Island, Whitsundays
an outdoor swimming pool surrounded by rocks and water features two lawn chairs on the edge
Top de Piscines originales : piscines naturelles, à débordement, sportives
Notre sélection de 20 piscines originales
a pink building with many windows and balconies on the top floor in india
Sunday Favourites #59
pink palace in Jaipur, India
the instagram page on instagram shows an image of a restaurant with wooden walls and ceiling
El Equipo Creativo have designed the Ikibana Restaurant in Barcelona, Spain.
a house with a green roof on top of a hill next to trees and grass
20 Spectacular Houses Featuring Green Roofs
20 Spectacular Houses Featuring Green Roofs