Trollbeads-Beach, Sand, Water

Love the ocean, beach, sand, water, waves. Create your own Beach bracelet with Trollbeads, the choices are endless. "Tell your story with Trollbeads"
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Crab -

Fashion Is a Popular Style

Beach Kit -

Trollbeads Beach Kit A distant horizon, a colourful parasol, a deck chair and a good book, perhaps a cold drink and a lapping wave making patterns in the sand.

Whitecap -

Trollbeads the Original. Whitecap Glass Bead Crashing, splashing, foaming blue, the waves wash onto our shores. Natures great clockwork endlessly ticking away.

Beach -

Trollbeads Beach - A shimmering beach and the mild azure blue waves licking your feet – what more could you wish for?

Light Turquoise Prism -

Trollbeads: Light Turquoise Prism Bead - The way this bead is cut makes light dance both on the surface and within. The slightest movement reflects the light turquoise color.

Paradise Birds -

Paradise Birds -

Caribbean -

Trollbeads: Caribbean Bead - This bead is inspired by the plentiful green islands of the Caribbean thrown into the turquoise sea. Always carry a piece of the Caribbean with you. This bead is made of Italian Glass.

Conch -

Trollbeads: Conch - Bring the conch up to your ear and listen: You will hear the bottomless sea calling seductively to you.

Amazonite -

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Flounder -

Flounder -

Turquoise/Green Spring Bud -

This hand made charm bead fits Trollbeads bracelets & Trollbeads necklaces.

Jellyfish -

Trollbeads - Jellyfish - Josephine's Fleur-De-Lis - Stroudsburg, PA in the Beautiful Pocono Mountains

Ice blue bud -

A cool Trollbead on a hot summer day. The most lovely ice blue bead with dew drops of turquoise.