Strawberry Roses #Strawberries

Strawberry Roses - add them to your drinks!like a drink would last this long to admire a friggin berry rose)

mini hot dog - sanil shaped

Although i dun encourage processed food for my kids, these mini hot dog in snail shaped are really kinda fun for the once in bluemoon breakfast

Sweet home: Saline

Discover thousands of images about Kiwi Fruit Flower - they look like water lilies, so pretty! These would make cute party food!

Pizza Corona

Looking for a fun and creative idea for dinner or a party? Check out this easy pizza corona recipe tutorial. It's delicious and looks great on the table!

Santa Strawberries

Strawberry Santas

Not really a recipe but an idea: Yummy Santas made with strawberries and a little piped whipped cream!

Delicious Salad in Pastry Dough “Carrot”

Delicious Salad in Pastry Dough Carrot. I would of course make the salad without chicken & eggs. Still, this is cute and I would think a portable option for salad as long as you don't leave it in the dough too long.

Delicious Strawberry Shortcake Snake

Strawberry shortcake snake: Feed this to your kids three times and they'll never eat plain strawberries again! Or veggies.

Hot Dog in a Dog

Every kid seems to love hot dog. Let’s make some homemade hot dog bread to satisfy them. Here’s a fun recipe to make hot dog in a dog bread. It’s very easy to make and you can work with your kids on it.

simpaticissima idea per fare uno scherzo ai bimbi!!

How fun for kids and kids of heart! Slide spaghetti through Vienna sausages or sliced hot dogs, cover with a sauce. I like the Bacon Provolone Spaghetti Sauce by Prego and the ideas go on.

Christmas Snack attack

Cute Food For Kids?: Christmas Breakfast Idea: Sandwich Reindeer use pancakes and bacon or pancakes and banana ears.