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Early signs of what the Trump administration may look like: A man associated with white supremacy and misogyny will be White House chief strategist; a man rejected for a judgeship because of alleged racism will be attorney general; and an Islamophobe who has taken money from Moscow will be national security adviser. No, this is not satire.

So Many Options, Yet Donald Trump Picks the Ugly. Too many smart, experienced Republicans are being stiffed in favor of men with reputations for hate.

They Are Humans Just Like Us! Nobody abandons their home and drags their family thousands of miles, often risking their lives in the process, just because they want an easy ride on benefits or to steal your job. They are fleeing war, persecution, poverty & now sickness in the shantytowns they are being forced to live in. Don't blame them, help them!

The Syrian Refugee Crisis Is a Result of the USA's Foreign Policy. The devastation seen in this image was caused by America under W. Conservatives are screaming because Obama says he'll take in refugees. Meanwhile, Germany will take refugees.

Best sign Ive seen in a while. blm

kemetic-dreams: “Continuing Racism Lead South Africans To Doubt Mandela’s Vision European settler in South Africa posing with unidentified African child AFRICANGLOBE– Early one weekend morning, just.