Shadow art. This is amazing

Japanese artist Kumi Yamashita creates amazing shadow art by using various seemingly ordinary items and some light. A giant steel exclamation point, lit from

Mind-Boggling Shadow Art from Trash Sculptures by British artists, Tim Noble and Sue Webster.

Shadow Art Made From Trash That Will Blow Your Mind

By British artists Tim Noble and Sue Webster - Mind-Boggling Shadow Art from Trash Sculptures - My Modern Met

shadow art

Ghost in the machine Shadow and Light Art by Rashad Alakbarov on Designspiration

shadow art sculpture

bildwerk: Tim Noble And Sue Webster Nihilistic Optimistic Self Imposed Misery, 2010 Wooden stepladder, discarded wood, light projector 224 x x cm

Shadow art

"Dirty White Trash (with Gulls)", shadow art by Tim Noble & Sue Webster - Artwerks

Incredible Light and Shadow Art by Kumi Yamashita (13 Pictures) > Design und so, Installationen, Sculptures > artworks, dopeness, japan, light and shadow, New York, yamashita

Kumi Yamashita 'City View' 2003 Aluminum numbers, single light source, shadow Commissioned by Namba Parks Tower, Osaka Japan

shadow play

Design Envy · Shadow Faces: Kumi Yamashita origami - single light source and shadow.