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.In hugs are hidden all the most beautiful words in the world, like: I'm here, do not worry, "anything goes"

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Barzellette - Part 15 I wasn't born acid. It's the people that changed my pH :-)

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bukowski frasi d'amore - Cerca con Google #bukowski #fuck no....scherzo!non sono paziente perchè purtroppo non riesco a pensare di averli già mandati a fanculo!

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Occasioni impreviste

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No need to say everything you think, but it's essential to think about everything you say

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~Life is like a picture, if you smile, it is better Η αγάπη είναι σαν μια εικόνα , αν χαμογελάς είναι καλύτερα..

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,wonder how many times they will have to reread this message.. it says..: I'll be arriving in 10 minutes .. if you do not see me coming, then re-read the message. bwwaaahhh

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Not every princess needs a Prince Charming to wake her up. Some just need coffee!

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Non posso più stendere un velo pietoso sulle persone ho finito le mollette....

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Frasi, aforismi, ironiche verità.

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