Helen Lias

Helen Lias

Hello i am Helen i love cooking and i am a geek :)
Helen Lias
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Cocoon - Home Security Device: This gadget may look cute, but itu2019s better than the fiercest watch dog: it keeps your home safe by sensing activity - even through walls and doors!

Cocoon Smart Home Security System Cocoon Is A Smart Home Security Device That Uses Infrasonic Sound To Detect An Intruder There’s currently no shortage of ‘s.

Smart shopper--record grocery lists and print out when needed.  Wish I could afford this one! (149.95) Site has 20 cool kitchen gadgets.

The electronic SmartShopper allows shopping lists to be made with the touch of a button. Simply press record and say the name of the item you want to add. When it's time to hit the store, press Print, and SmartShopper produces your categorized list.

Parga - A Town that Thinks It's a Greek Island!   http://gogreece.about.com/od/westerngreece/ss/Parga-A-Greek-Island-Thats-Not.htm#step-heading

Parga ~ is a popular summer destination in Epirus, Greece. It is a small town situated in a secluded bay of the Ionian Sea and is famous for beaches with exotic waters.