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The Great Fire- oh my! I adore the gown on the left including hair and makeup! So lovely

Frances Stewart (Antonia Clarke) and Lady Castlemaine (Susannah Fielding) "The Great Fire" TV series. Excellent examples of period inspired court gowns from Restoration Era England 1660 -

17th century fashion ancient look men 1 baroque/ roccocco

Calves -- erogenous zone for men // artificial calf muscles // male calf emerging from tight breeches (erogenous) // white stockings // padded devices inserted under stockings

Knotted Journal by on @deviantART

The Draconian - a reptilian race skilled masters in many fields. This reptilian leather bound journal is adorned with genuine lizard leather. Hand tinted, specially embossed and gilded for the fine.

Tribal Deer Figurine by on @deviantART

Deer Animal Figurine is cute handmade polymer clay totem! This unique figurine is exceptionally carefully hand painted with maximum detail and finished .