Troll Beads (In case you want to buy me a gift!)

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Troll Beads - Buttons

Trollbeads: Buttons Bead - We use them every day. In fact, we cannot live without them - these little ingenious inventions - buttons! Please note this Bead is designed with a larger opening to fit all major brands.


Trollbeads: Cozy Bead - So soft and comfortable. The little lamb gives you the wool to keep you warm and safe.

Phoenix Troll Bead.  Symbol of rebirth and great strength.

Griffin Bead

Trollbeads: Griffin Bead - The Griffin is a legendary creature and as half lion and half eagle, it is believed to be especially powerful. It is known for guarding treasures and precious belongings.

Dragon Zodiac Bead.  My Chinese zodiac sign.

Dragons are colorful beings. They are confident, thriving at the forefront. They are effective, accountable, honest, courageous and imaginative. They have feisty temperament and can be quite stubborn. Usually dragons are healthy and energetic.

Lotus bead.  Should be purchased in twos because it's very small.  I have a couple, but adding two more would look nice.

Trollbeads: Lotus Bead, Silver - The lotus flower appears in the legends of India and ancient Egypt. It is a symbol of light and enlightenment, forged where the rays of the sun meet the pull of the moon.

Rose Bead.  But the description reads "delicate cherry blossoms". Hmmm...

Rose Bead (silver)

The cast silver Rose Bead has delicate petals. This pretty little silver Trollbead is a springtime messenger. A smaller scale Trollbeads flower bead.


Trollbeads: Opposites Bead - Inspired by M. Escher’s work, a bead with angels and demons. The silhouette of an angel doubles as the silhouette of a demon. Can you see where one ends and the next begins?

Jellyfish Bead.  Love it.  But it should be Jelly Bead, as my father would point out, Jellies aren't fish!

Trollbeads - Jellyfish - Josephine's Fleur-De-Lis - Stroudsburg, PA in the Beautiful Pocono Mountains

Genuine Ohm Beads (TM) Product. 925 Sterling Silver Matryoshka Doll European Bead Charm. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. Ohm,

If you know someone know just loves Russian nesting dolls, you know that matryoshka jewelry would be the perfect gift for that person!

Paternity Silver Bead.  For Scott, super dad!

Paternity Bead, Silver

Trollbeads: Paternity Bead - The time a child spends with its father is precious indeed. In these shared moments a bond is formed which will never be broken.

Leather Bracelet Brown.  For Scott.  But I would like it too!

Leather Bracelet, Brown