best Pin EVER!

best Pin EVER! pups, dogs, babies, kids - my heart loves this! 😚 I can see why dog is mans best friend.

Chris P. Bacon <3

Chris P. Bacon.

A great example of kindness! A piglet named Chris P. Bacon was born without his hind legs, but thanks to his caring owners, he can now walk with the help of a tiny wheelchair made from children's toys. The little piglet's name? Chris P.

More people should act like this instead of bullying others and criticizing them

Dog feels…

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Every single time I come home from being  by another dog. It's like I'm cheating or something....

[RMX] Overly Protective Girlfriend's Dog


Selfie dog pic -- just need to teach him (her?) how to do duck lips. (I really did laugh out loud on this!


Just a piglet eating an ice cream cone at a tiny picnic table with a tiny umbrella animal, animals, baby animal, baby animals