Hayatte NDIAYE

Hayatte NDIAYE

Hayatte NDIAYE
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Robe lolita version wax!! #diywearlemonade #makemylemonade #wearlemonade…

Clothes For Gym Robe lolita version wax! - The gym is one of the places where people can not care about their appearance and concentrate only on working their body to show it later. However there are items that help us exercise much more efficiently.

Vestes à la mode Ankara

from - Our CEO Rocking our New collection "Nini's Stoned Ankara Kimono" She rocks.Queen of African Fabric (QAF) All sizes available on order Whatsapp 09080555598 or send a DM to place orders Prints available in different colours Lovely Bag from -

Moroccan-themed Diwali party by kenzilicious, via Flickr

I never expected to be doing Moroccan henna on Indian woman at a Diwali party, but in NYC anything goes! The hostess made all the food which was delicious and her friends were all very cool and appreciative of the henna.