Lego themed birthday party! Lots of TERRIFIC Lego games to entertain the kiddos. Created by Chickabug.

The ultimate list of LEGO® party games

LEGO® party planning mamas, look no further! I’ve put together a handy-dandy (and dare I say ultimate) list of LEGO party games! There are so many fun ways to keep kids entertained with LEGO bricks, or with themed games like “Pin the Head on the .

Cute Printable Birthday Party Monster Grins available on Etsy

Monster Party decor Little Monster birthday party with cute activities. Love the use of googly eyes. monster party 1 Monsters SO cute!

@Jenni Ramoya Juntunen Wheeler Campbell~     Great ideas for the boys birthday!!!   50+ Water Balloon Games

Water Balloon Games for Kids

Bug Party Fun  1. Bugs waiting for game to begin, 2. Stubborn wish, 3. Dirt Cake with centipedes, 4. Bug in Shirt Relay, 5. Bug Juice, 6. Birthday Boy Seat, 7. Bees in Hive, 8. Hungry?, 9. Beehives, 10. Frozen floating friend

bug juice = lemonade w/food coloring bug-in-shirt relay (what is that?) bee hive game (what is that?