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This video made by Hangar Design Group for Palazzo Paruta, historical 4-star hotel in Venice, shows a real travel experience.

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A #video on the "Allegrini Harvest Diaries", a memoir on the life in the Allegrini Estates during #harvest. Art direction by Hangar #Design Group.

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Stop-motion video for Hide&Jack, the innovative shoe brand. This playful video shows how the many interchangeable covers allow you to customize your look everyday. Directed by Hangar Design Group.

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The app Hangar Travel Guide is a travel experience through places suggested by creative people. App development and tutorial video by Hangar Design Group.

Everything starts with an idea. Let yourself be inspired by Hangar Design Group and its idea of creativity.

Commercial video for Acera, ceramic taiwanese brand,telling the travel experience of three women through international and iconic cities. Mugs design and video by Hangar Design Group.

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Corporate video for Rossato, an innovative company for the customized furnishing industry of public and private spaces. By Hangar Design Group.

"A day in Hangar" is an inside view of #HangarDesignGroup: spaces, people, and how the #creative process takes place.

MiaPed is a modular storage system that sits beyond the traditional concept of office drawers: it combines multiple functions in a single object. Video directed by Hangar Design Group.

Founded in 1976, #BlitzExclusive has acquired a strong experience and a pivotal role in the field of ground and water transportation in Venice and in other Italian cities. Video Direction by Hangar Design Group.

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