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a man wearing a brown hat sitting on top of a blue chair with his eyes closed
Harry behind the scenes
a man wearing a blue sweater with a bird on it in front of a bookshelf
best harry pics on Twitter
a black framed print with the words chuck and some type of text below it that reads,
Stampa del personaggio Chuck Bass - Etsy Italia
10 things... Heath Ledger, Recipes For Vegetarians, Julia Stiles, Steamed Tofu, Healthy Supper, One Banana, Protein Breakfast Recipes, Eat Meat, Whole Grain Bread
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10 things...
the vampire movie scene with two different faces and one saying that it is not true
Seriously, why does no one listen to Stiles the first time?!?!?!
two men standing next to each other in front of lockers with words on them
And they will always be in our hearts...
the twilight saga is shown in several different ways, including one with his mouth open
Teen Wolf - Lydia, Scott, and Stiles. Lydia totally needed to be there! Holland Roden as Lydia Martin.
the shirtless man is talking to another man
Liam Dunbar on Twitter
This is cute! I have watched it and its really funny.
a man laying in bed with four different expressions on his face and the caption that says, you're not your subject
Dylan O'Brien (Stiles) & Tyler Posey (Scott) - Teen Wolf